Beta Testers Wanted

I’m looking for people to beta test my new Mac app called Marketeer.

Marketeer is an app for Mac software developers. It allows users to keep track of information relevant to creating and maintaining software products. With Marketeer developers can track information on a product by product basis:

General Information: Basic Product Information, Product Description, Version History, and Product URLs
Feedback: Feature Requests, Bug Reports, Product Reviews
Checklists: Product Preparation, Publishing, Product Promotion, ToDos
Resources: product related materials and resources (files, folders)
Serial Numbers: generate and store product serial numbers
Releases: track latest releases
App Store: manage feedback from and communication with iTunes Connect

In addition Marketeer accumulates lists of all product ToDos, Feature Requests and Bug Reports in an All Products Window. General programming resources and promotional sites can be managed in this window.

Product Release Announcements: Marketeer can generate Press Releases that can be emailed from within the program.

If you are interested please contact me at and I will send you the download link. Beta testers will get a receive registration when the app is released.

Thanks everyone. I have enough beta-testers now.