Beta Forum?

Team Xojo may we have the Beta forum back in some form please? Aside from all the very helpful Declares code that is in there, I’ve got an outstanding issue (that I can’t discuss outside the Beta because, you know, what happens in Beta, stays in Beta…) that seems now lost to the ether.

There’s nothing about beta that’s private now because there is no beta, it’s a release. It’s not Fight Club. :slight_smile:

Damn it @Kem Tekinay. That was the closest I was ever going to get to Fight Club.

You still can search for #followed and find your entries in the beta channel.

Thanks. I was able to find my posts though Activity too. I was more thinking that some of the code shared in the Beta forum might be useful for others and also, self-servingly, I still want an answer to my SQL Prepared Statements issue! :wink:

In iOS there is no prepared statement anymore - it’s built in to the SQLSelect and SQLExecute commands now.

Was that the issue or did you have something else?

I have an issue where sometimes data that is saved through calling SQLExecute and passing a ParamArray isn’t all saved. Some columns are missed out entirely and, seemingly (in my app at least), randomly. I’m pretty sure I’m doing something wrong but I’ve spent hours going over it without making any progress.

I created a simple app that demonstrates the issue and I was hoping for some pointers. But it’s back in the hard-to-get-to Beta forum. I’ve also got an un-reviewed Feedback case open: (>] .

Hang on, we have activity. @Paul Lefebvre just opened that case.

It looks as though it might be a bug. Also the Beta forum is back. Thanks for responding guys. :slight_smile: