Best XOJO Data Type for This Form of PHP Array

I’m trying to reproduce this code found here in XOJO.

What’s the best XOJO data type to use for the $path variable?

Thank you.

function get_path($category_id)
// look up the parent of this node
$result = mysql_query("SELECT c1.parent_id,c2.category_name AS parent_name FROM category AS c1
LEFT JOIN category AS c2 ON c1.parent_id=c2.category_id
WHERE c1.category_id=’$category_id’ ");
$row = mysql_fetch_array($result);

// save the path in this array
$path = array();

//continue if this node is not the root node
if ($row['parent_id']!=NULL) 
    // the last part of the path to node

    $last_key = key($path);
    $key = $last_key==0 ? 0 : $last_key+1;
    $path[$key]['category_id'] = $row['parent_id'];
    $path[$key]['category_name'] = $row['parent_name'];

    $path = array_merge(get_path($row['parent_id']), $path);

return $path;

<?php for ($i=count($path)-1;$i==0;$i--) { echo $path[$i]['category_name']. '>'; } ?>

Create a class, PathCategory, with two properties, ID and Name. Create a Dictionary with the index as the key and assign a PathCategory as a value.

dim pc as PathCategory
dim d as new Dictionary
pc = d.Lookup( key, new PathCategory )
pc.ID = key
pc.Name = pathName
d.Value( key ) = pc

Thanks Kem