Best way to use webtoolbar with multiple pages

I’m working on a web application that contains several different pages. I would like to have a persistent webtoolbar at the top of each page for navigation. Short of graphically designing this over and over for each and every page, is there a way to have a single webtoolbar across all pages? I’ve tried to do this via code, but haven’t had any luck.

Or if I’m misunderstanding how web app navigation should work, any input would be greatly appreciated.

There are no shared controls among pages. You’ll have to put it on each page. I made and use WESegmentedControl as part of Studio Stable Web Essentials for both navigation and paging in editing panels. You can try a demo and read up on the API.

You can also put your Toolbar in a WebContainer and then just add the container to each WebPage.

I think I was able to pull this off using a container control. I’ll check out your control as well! Thanks!