Best way to use multicore on a ARM

Dear all,

i`m planning to get a dev board for testing the apps on ARM devices , the best so far that i found was CubieBoard5 that has a nice octa code A7 cpu, 2 GB ram, battery aware and as well Sata Raid on it that opens the new options for ARM boards, the only issue is ARM 32 Bit that Xojo can compile so far .

If let`s say i will have a linux app running on this board, maybe as well an webApp what would be the best way to design it so that i can utilise the full capacity of it ? the 8 cores ?

Thanks in advance .


The only way to take advantage of multiple cores in Xojo currently is to use helper apps as additional processes.

Well i guess it will be a lot of programming to have it work as it should, i was focused more on webApps in the end so i was thinking , what about compiling them as CGI and have like nginx manage the load , in this way you think will manage to have a proper load balancing on the processors and have it work optimal ? I`m just guessing here .