Best way to search inside ListBox


I’m looking for the best method to search inside one listbox that was populated from external api. After ListBox was populated which are the recommended steps to search and display the search results in the same Listbox?

And when search was cleared I need to display all returned rows from api.

Thank you and excuse me if this questions is obvious, I’m just arrived to Xojo.

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Personally I load a listbox from an SQLite database. For searching, I search the database rather than the listbox, by having the user supply their search terms and then using those to build an SQL “select” that I appy to the database. This also gives me the result rows to use to populate a results listbox.


if you don’t need to keep the data from the API, you can insert the data into the in-memory sqlite database instead of the normal sqlite database

The “funny” thing is that the listbox is using internally a SQLite database itself. It’s a pity we can’t use that one “directly” and least I would know how …

Is that so??? I have no idea

The web one is, not the desktop.

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Thank you for all your help.

I will try to do it in this way.


ah, good to know, thank you for clarification and sorry for the confusion caused to others.