Best way to licence a custom class

Hi folks. What is the best way to licence a custom class which I would like to sell on my website or another website if someone knows a better way of doing it?

Full source available. Put a license note in each class/module. Allow redistribution of binaries. Disallow redistribution of source. No warranties. Short, readable license agreement.

If the license gets in the way, no matter how cool your stuff is, it’s a better value for the expert commercial developers who actually spend the most money on these things to write it themselves. If you think of or treat your customers as thieves, the only people you’ll sell to are thieves. Personally, I won’t use password protected classes for anything but a mockup.

For distribution to groups of customers to who you license code, I’d suggest Vecite Files. The product arose out of this problem. Saves me a lot of time over other canned P2P distribution methods. See it in action at Studio Stable.

P.S. MonkeyBread gets an exclusion from my basic rule just based on the sheer overwhelming size of what Christian provides and that he’s been consistently at it and on the same message for more than a decade. Nobody else is Christian or doing what he does.

Thanks Brad, What about pricing. This is a difficult one I think. Can’t really base it on the number of hours ive worked on it as it would cost a fortune so what do you do?

BugReporter and UpdaterKits are delivered in source code.
Just plugins are delivered compiled only.
So far nobody had really showed enough interest to make a contract for source code access.

PPS. That wasn’t a slap at how Christian does things. He cracked the code here. Kudos to him. He’s indispensable.

Pricing wise… Two key elements. Value to customer and incremental cost to you. If each sale costs you 3 hours of support time, you need to price that in. If you price more than people will pay, they won’t pay it.

Main reason I make stuff available now is release discipline. I use my stuff extensively, and just going through periodic release cycles keeps it in good order. Sales pay for that effort.

That is a tough question. it was something I agonized over for the only code I sell. I originally had two versions… One with encrypted classes which had a low price and a source code version that I priced at about 3X more…

While I have not had a lot of sales (likely did not provide enough value), ALL the sales I had were for the source version so I dropped the encrypted version as it was not worth the hassle…

One thing it did teach me is that I better keep my day job! :wink: