Best way to initiate a screen of choices on iOS

I have an input screen with several text input fields and one of the items needs to be a selection from a 3 item list. On desktop, this would be a pop-up menu. On iOS, the way to do it is to present a chooser screen with the three items to pick from.

I can’t come up with an elegant way to initiate the chooser screen. I could simulate the input field using a one-row table with a disclosure accessory, but that seems overkill. I could use a button with a caption of the currently selected choice, but the caption is always centered in the button and won’t align well with the other input fields on the screen.

Are there any other options I’m not thinking of?

There are many ways of doing this.

If the captions are short, use a MobileSegmentedControl.

If the captions are longer, you could use a Table with three rows.

You can also use ARiOSMobileCollectionView

You could also have a drop-down menu when clicking on a button (iOSKit required)


Thanks! I will look into those…

So the segmented button control does the trick for me. Thanks @Jeremie_L !

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