Best way to create a tab-like control with close boxes

I want to have a control like the tabs in the Xojo IDE, where I can can respond to a click on a particular tab (note that I don’t need a tab panel, just a control). As in the IDE, each “tab” must have an X that, when clicked, closes that element. A segmented control would seem well suited for this, except there is no paint event, making drawing of the X difficult. I thought of using an array of canvases and emulating such a control myself, but it seems canvases can’t be created dynamically (or at least I couldn’t do it). What solutions are others using in this type of situation (this is for macOS only, if that makes a difference)?
might need some updates but it can certainly be hand draw (which is what we do in the IDE so we can make it x-platform)

RBCustomTabPanel is really hard to beat, but it requires external images and isn’t HiDPI ready…
If you want to create the tabs using dynamically created canvases, take a look at control sets…

Based on Kuba Pawlak’s tutorials with list boxes, I was thinking about trying my hand at using a list box for a tab control (just because you can, means you should :wink: ) but this would still require doing custom drawing…

Thank you. RBCustomTabPanel is quite cool, but overkill for what I would like to do, and would take a lot of time to adapt (and it doesn’t like 64-bit, either). I thought I figured out how to dynamically create a new canvas from canvas control set, but I guess not. Here’s what I did:

  1. Add a canvas to a window (Canvas1) and make it a control set.
  2. In the Paint event

g.ForeColor = RGB(128, 128, 128)
g.DrawRect me.left,, me.width, me.Height

  1. Add a window property, c As Canvas1.
  2. In code,

c = new canvas1
c.Index = 1 = 100
c.left = 200
c.Height = 50
c.width = 50

The canvas is created, .visible = true, the parent window is correct, the coordinates are correct, and the paint event fires, but I can’t see it. I’m sure it’s something dumb, but what am I missing?

The rectangle you’re drawing is not even on the canvas.

Try this:

g.DrawRect(0, 0, me.width, me.Height)

D’oh, of course! Thanks.

I use RBCustomTabPanel in my 64-bit application, can’t remember if I had to fix anything to get it to work though…

Have a look at my solution Trixi’s Tabsheets ( I don’t think it would be hard to add a close box.