Best way to address Xojo documentation errors?

What is the best way to address Xojo documentation errors?

I ran across this tonight:

Dim itemsToRemove() As FolderItem
Dim n As Integer = dir.Count

If n > 0 Then
  For i As Integer = 1 To n
    If dir.Item(i).Exists And Not dir.Item(i).Directory Then
    End If
End If

For i As Integer = 0 To Ubound(itemsToRemove)

If I place the above code in the action event of a button and compile it, I get:

“This item does not exist
Dim n As Integer = dir.Count”

I’m assuming that “dir” is a FolderItem but why isn’t it defined before it is used? I’ve only been using Xojo for about a year and there’s still a lot I have yet to learn. So it’s really frustrating when the documentation is either incomplete, incorrect or confusingly written. I’m finding a lot of documentation errors like this.

Here’s another example:

Dim dlg As New OpenDialog
dlg.InitialDirectory = SpecialFolder.Documents

dlg.Title = "Select a MIF file"
dlg.Filter = FileTypes1.pdf

Dim f As FolderItem
f = dlg.ShowModal
If f <> Nil Then
  ' Proceed normally
  ' User Cancelled
End If

“Select a MIF file”? Shouldn’t that be “Select a PDF file”? I have no idea what a “MIF” file is and I don’t know how it relates to “FileTypes1.pdf”.

These code examples came from here:

link text

So what is the best way to address Xojo documentation errors? Is there a specific keyword that should be used in the Xojo Feedback application?


There was a time when the community was able to fix such things themselves …

You can email @Paul Lefebvre or make a feedback case.
Typos like this are easy to fix.

At the bottom of most documentation pages is a “Click ‘Yes’ if this page was helpful” box. If you click ‘No’ you can enter a report, and @Paul Lefebvre will generally get back to you promptly. Unfortunately, not every page has this.

Markus, Christian and Julia,

Thanks for the information. I will start sending reports to Paul on the doc errors I find.

Same as anything else, file a Feedback case.

I use this and Paul has been very good in fixing pages. The Classic pages don’t have this feature, but AFAICT you can show any classic page via the new documentation site, and then use that to request changes to a classic page.

I would like to see a feature allowing user contributed notes, as may be found on the PHP documentation site.

‘Classic’ vs ‘the new documentation site’???

I usually do a Google search for “Xojo ” so maybe I’m jumping back and forth between the sites you mention. How do I identify the old vs the new?

I confirm that.

If you check regularly this page (in the past months):

you can see how many pages have been modified (hundred pages).


Edit: and when the page in the old doc site is deprecated, there is a link to the new site for the new stuff.

And for many pages, the classic doc is all there is, so at the new doc site the old page shows up in a scrollable box (is what I was referring to upthread).