best practices: several Windows

I am in the first steps of creating a workflow application - Now ready to start adding additional windows as containers of presentation and functionality.

What is the best practice, or way of doing things, to manage the flow between windows, that is to disclose functionality to the user in a pleasant way?
How do I “invoke” one or another window programmatically?

You can pass information between windows using their properties, or you can add a communication method to each window.

GREAT! and not meaning to trouble you but, could you provide a quick code snippet or example for using a communication method between windows?

You would reference it by name.

dim w1text as string = Window1.TextField1.text

Have you reviewed the manual for Xojo yet?

“Have you reviewed the manual for Xojo yet?”…Yes, but I am new to this product and in a hurry to get something usable. Expert practitioners have preferred modalities of putting things together that might not surface in the reading of the manual.
Again… Thanks!

Tim already gave you an example.

You will need to elaborate to get more specific code.