Best practice for displaying multiple optional controls

I am going to begin a project and I want to have a single window and then display controls in the rest of the window based on the user choices. So if they click on a Event icon the rest of the window shows the event controls and if they click the User icon it shows user controls. Is a PagePanel the best way to go about this?

yes tab panel or page panel.

You could also use a StackView depending on how you want to do it - see

Rather than a page panel (which I have found to be difficult to manage) I would highly recommend Container Controls. Put your optional controls on a container and then show or hide the containers as you need them. You can stack them on top of each other if desirable. Have a look at my QuizMaker Pro program. ( When you are creating tests, there are several different looks depending on which type of question you want. Those “looks” are all done with Container Controls