Best practice for DB usage with Xojo needed


I am unsure how to best handle my sqlite needs. I know the basics, can select, insert and update data but not sure if I do it the best way.
I read now for example about RowSet.
Is there somehow a doucmentation what is best? Often I use SQL statements with parameters, but the Rowset looks more elegant.
Guess I am a bit confused and would like to understand how you do it.

Not sure if my question is understandble but thanks in advance for your thoughts.

The source is there:

you can also edit update the data at a RowSet current row.
and you can insert a new DataRow via Database class.
i would create a new class for the database access and set the super to SQLiteDatabase.
this way you can add more functionality.
i like a clean solution with less effort and without duplicate code parts,

Thanks Markus.
Sound interesting. I will read/go in that direction.

Hello Emile,
thanks for the link. I know the sqlite page but I am more interested in how people implement it during “daiyl business”.

Thanks anyway!