Best Mac for Xojo Development

There is currently only one Mac I can recommend, which is a 27" iMac. It’s the only machine that the user can upgrade the memory.
iMac Pro is complicated and if you break anything in the process, Apple will not help you at all (See Linus Tech Tips YouTube channel). Their laptops and Mac Mini are all soldered in so you can’t change a thing without buying a new machine.

I am very disappointed with Apple’s laptop line-up at the moment and I am hoping that they’ll fix them tomorrow. I had one for 4 days, before deciding that it was no better than the 2012 rMBP I was upgrading from. So I returned it.

[quote=390488:@Dave S]Once you bought it, the video card cannot be changed… at least not by the user… at least here in the US
so if you want to upgrade later, you buy a new machine[/quote]
so you NEED to buy the video card at first, same for the ssd drive don’t forget to buy it at first.
the only thing the user can upgrade is the ram. or the mouse :wink:

[quote=390513:@Jean-Yves Pochez]so you NEED to buy the video card at first, same for the ssd drive don’t forget to buy it at first.
the only thing the user can upgrade is the ram. or the mouse ;)[/quote]
Which is exactly what I had said.

Another possible option to consider is a Hackintosh. I was frustrated with the lack of decent hardware from Apple and I would probably have considered myself to be an Apple fanboy as I have used their products for the last 20 years.

Having never built a computer before I was a little nervous to start but I researched a lot and decided to give it a go.
I ordered all the parts online (it was like Christmas everyday for a couple of weeks!) and started the build.
After a couple of days I was ready to push the power button for the first time thinking it’s never going to work but the sheer joy of seeing lights and a working system was fantastic.

Anyway, the key system components are made up of:
ASUS Maximus Hero Motherboard
Intel Coffee Lake i7-8700K processor running at 5.0Ghz
16Gb G.Skill 3200Mhz RAM (expandable to 128Gb but you’ll need a big wallet!)
GeForce GTX 1050ti Graphics card
1 Samsung 500Gb SSD
2 x Samsung 250Gb M.2 NVMe SSD (Dual boot into MacOS and Windows 10)

The total cost of the build excl tax was about $1900 and I have a very stable system running super fast and is fully expandable in the future.

Sorry for the long post but thought it might be worth pointing out another alternative to the Apple dross.

I enjoyed it so much that I’m currently building another one using the classic Apple G5 Pro tower case, which is one of the best designs to come out of Cupertino, and filling it with similar parts to my first build.

I thought I’d post some Geekbench results to show how my computer compares to an iMac 27 inch Retina model 2017:

iMac 27inch Core i7-7700k - Singe core = 5678, Multi-core=19346
My Hackintosh Core i7-8700k - Single core = 6586, Multi-core=29970

Including 27in 5k screen?

No, I already had a 34in curved wide screen from LG so I guess you’d have to factor in that too.

Do not forget the AppleCare Price Tag !

22 seconds from initiation of launch of 2018r1.1 with a bunch of MBS plugins to the “Choose a Project” screen on my MBP.

I do most of my development in my office and I have an 2017 iMac 27" 5K on my desk. I upgraded the drive to full SSD (not fusion) at purchase. It’s a really nice machine for working on with a beautiful display. I also have a wee Air for when working while traveling. This is a good set up for me at the moment and I can highly recommend the iMac.

If you spend more time on the road, then a 15" MacBook Pro is the traditional recommendation for developers but I’d personally be waiting for a new model at this point.

Update: Closed a few applications and browser tabs (I usually have a LOT of each open) and it went down to 19 sec.

Maybe the issue is Monkeybread? Xojo loads quite quickly on my old MacBook Air and my old MacBook.

No. As I mentioned in my post a short while ago, I use a number of MBS plugins and my launch time of 20s is far less than what’s needed for a coffee break.

And for comparison with Julia’s post, 38 seconds for the same plugins on my Late 2010 17" MBP 8GB with SSD

Great machine. I’ve got the same one in the same configuration.

Might have to pare down my MBS plugins. I let the entire set load. I’m not giving up my 1.7 GHz 2012 MBP yet. That machine’s keyboard is such a pleasure compared to our touchbar machine.

Agree, full SSD. Forget fusion drives. A full SSD is reasonably priced now.

The TouchBar itself could use some work, but I love the butterfly keyboard. Best I’ve ever used.

My Xojo 2017 r3 takes 9 seconds to load with MBS and one Chilkat plugin.

2017 was much faster. 11 secs for me.

This seems to be the way to go; Asus is selling a 5Ghz ‘Desktop replacement’, I wonder if it’s possible to get the macOS running on that?

I strongly get the feeling that Apple is not going to address the MacBook Pro until the next refresh (2020), which is very very sad, but kinda not surprising.