Best configuration to run XOJO IDE

What is the Best configuration to run XOJO IDE run slow

i have a pc lab with 4Gb Ram,500Gb 7200 rpm HD Dual Core CPU (Windows 7 32Bits)
i have a Mac Mini with 8Gb Ram , 500Gb 7200 seagate hybrid drive With Dual Core CPU with last Mac Os

“Best” is like “Beauty”… it is in the eye of the beholder…

if you like WIndows… then running on a Mac may not be what YOU consider “Best”… (but for me it is)
but even then… running on a Mac Mini with a 17" screen… vs a top of the line iMac with 3 27inch monitors…

The point is… who is to say what is “best” for someone else.

I would say OS X because I truly hate Windows. :slight_smile:

Sorry … couldn’t resist. :wink:

(On Windows 7 and Mac Same slow)

I mean I find it very slow in design objects moving side to side

any way to optimize the IDE

2014r1 has some significant speed improvements:

But Xojo ought to be pretty zippy on the two setups you describe above. Do you have a lot of plugins? Lots of controls on your layouts? Are you using ContainerControls?

I’ am using Xojo 4.1 i am moving step by step from RS.

No container yes i have 30 controls on the forms

This is same on Web and Destop app

Only xojo plug in and one from valentina reports

To improve Speed at design i need more CPU or Ram or Video