Best button for Touch Screen

I’m well aware of the unsupported button properties of the Raspian/xojo experience at present. But even if the button attributes were all working properly they’d likely not make for the ideal interface experience by today’s standards.

Immediately I think I’ll be needing to create a custom subclass of Canvas, and swap in and out images that depict ‘pressed’, depressed, etc.

Does anyone have any best-practices for buttons these days?

If you can design them yourself or register at services as Flaticon. You can use a free icon and change it to your likings.

In the beginning years I used a program like Agama Web Buttons but I found that limited. If you can draw the icons yourself, it is time consuming but at least they are unique.

I use Affinity Designer for drawing graphics together with a Wacom Intuos 5 medium tablet. I have only intermediate drawing talents despite I like to draw with computer very much.

I also advice you to use PNG instead of JPG if that is possible for you. PNG is a loseless format while JPG is not.

I am wondering if you can create a class for example clsButton which takes care of the “pressed” or “unpressed” state of the buttom by adding a flag variable to it. In that way you can handle as much states as necessary. You can add a parameter to its constructor which decides which image to use for the button. Depending on the value the sub-classed button will show a “OK” or “Cancel” or whatever you implemented button.

I do not have any knowledge or experience with Raspberry. Try to give you more alternative ideas to find a solution.

Hope you will find what you are looking for.


Chris - thanks for a very thorough suggestion, much appreciated. I’m lucky enough to have a graphic designer as my spouse, so generating great looking buttons won’t be too much of a challenge. The real question then I suppose is what is the best base-class to build this on, an Bevel Button or Canvas control?

Once you get familiar with using xojo to create apps on the RPi you’ll find that there are still some weaknesses in the area of ‘buttons’ on this specific target platform, which is why I’m reaching out to the forum to see how other’s are contending with this. Although it may be a temporary issue I’d like to make some good choices that are least likely to get broken from any IDE updates.

I suppose I’ll tinker with Canvas for a bit and see if it’s the ideal base for me to build on… :slight_smile: