Best approach macOS app with Google Maps viewer/pins

Dear fellow Xojo developers,

I normally build Xojo Web apps and Xojo for Web has a really nice component in the library for displaying and interacting with Google Maps.

Now I want to build a macOS app that basically displays a Google map and shows pins based on the addresses I enter in this application.
Wat would be the best approach to build this functionality in a desktop app?

  1. Are there 3rd party components?
  2. Use a HTML viewer in combination google apis?
  3. Other solutions?
  4. Are there examples?

Thanks in advance,


Look in the Xojo examples folder for Eddies Electronics.
There is a web example, but also a desktop example.
They both have google maps in the customer window.

Thanks for the pointer Paul. Will look into that.

Really appreciated!

try starting from the example in this link

Google Maps in the desktop version Eddies Electronics seems to be broken.
Probably due to the new HTMLViewer based on Chrome. :frowning: