Just to be sure…

If I’m creating an Linux executable, can I run this on a BeagleBoard with Ubuntu?


Nope. BeagleBone, Raspberry-PI, CubieBoard, MK808, Arduinos and many others small form Linux computers are ARM based.
Unhappily Xojo is not ARM ready yet.


You may want to try FreeBasic if you wish to develop on the ARM. Seems to work pretty well on the Beaglebone Black and the Raspberrry PI.

I believe FB on ARM is alpha or beta as I can’t find it on

Look here:

The guys who are doing the port consider it more alpha grade at the moment but you can download it from that thread. At the rate they are going they should have it in the stable branch within a month or two. So if you need ARM Linux that is the route I would go. I’ve tried it on my RPI and it works quite well but I mainly do console programs on Linux.

How about a Apache install running on the BeagleBone Black and we run our Xojo app as CGI there?.. can?.. i have webedition of xojo, yet…

…errr… i have NOT a webedition Xojo yet… :wink:

Your app still has to run on the device, which it can’t.

Python is a good alternative for those devices.


[quote=46150:@Julen Ibarretxe Uriguen]Python is a good alternative for those devices.