Hi guys,

I have a remote MySQL database that contains passwords hashed with Bcrypt (the default authentication of Laravel).

I’m writing a desktop app that reads this database and need to be able to compare the user’s password they enter in the desktop app with the hash in the DB. Whilst Xojo provides a number of hashing algorithms in it’s new Crypto module, Bcrypt (I think based on Blowfish) is not one of them.

Does anyone know of an implementation of Bcrypt for Xojo? Native Xojo code preferred but a plugin will do.

If you have c code for it, we could create a plugin.

It seems this would have what you need:


[quote=60605:@Kem Tekinay]It seems this would have what you need:


That’ll do. I can bundle that executable in my app and call it from a Shell.

I think this is the C code for it:

That chunk of C should be pretty straight forward to port to Xojo

Challenge… ACCEPTED!

(If I have time.) :slight_smile:

Or add to the Crypto module? :slight_smile:

Well considering blowfish can be implemented pretty straight forwardly in pure Xojo code ….
This should translate pretty quickly

An FR to add it to crypto would be in order otherwise