bbSourceList Beta Released

We have had some positive feedback for bbSourceList.

bbSourceList is a finder style SourceList (Navigator) control. We have released version 0.9 Beta online and have had some really good feedback comments and suggestions for features which we are working on as I type. If you would like to try out the control please feel free to download it and let us know what you think.

The beta looks very promising. There are a few features which are probably planned that I would like to see:

Drag Reorder
Vertical Scrollbar
Possibly multiple selection

I’m looking forward to seeing where you take this.

Many thanks Peter for taking time to have a look and play. Vertical scrollbar already exists, it only becomes visible when required i.e. when your list is taller than the height of the control.

Hierarchy - I have penned this in and will be looking at integrating this.
Drag Reorder - Not planned at the moment but I will add to the list
Vertical Scrollbar - Already implemented. As is track pad scrolling
Multiple Selection - Again not planned but could be implemented easily. Added to list

Mike, great work!
I’ve just started to play around with it but so far…great!

Mike, this looks great. I just gave it a quick try but I’d be interested in this when you get the search field to be native. Nice work.

Yes, I have initially avoided making it native as I am trying to optimise bbSourceList to run on Windows too. Again I will add this to the list of feature requests.

Demo of a customised view: