Not sure what the actual effect on business will be but just learned that I am now an Accredited Business with the Better Business Bureau. This and a buck fifty will maybe get me a cup of coffee…

Ug…the BBB did such a high pressure sales pitch on me once I told the sales guy I was going to report him to the state Attorney General. If I even see it on the caller ID it goes right to voice mail.

That brings memories… Back in the nineties the BBB would not hear of web sites. Then they created their accredited logo. By then I had moved on. So far, I have not needed them :smiley:

I think that most people today realize that the BBB is a scam. They highly rate the companies that pay them money, end of story.

They died with the yellow pages, imho.

Oh, and I forgot the best : last month, I received an ominous letter from the BBB of Delaware, about a customer who complained back in 2016 about, for some subscription they had not canceled as requested.

The very serious BBB found and proceeded to write to me about another, entirely different web site. Two years after getting the case !

The claimant should complain to her BBB about the Delaware BBB not being reliable :smiley: