I’m quite a bit disappointed that the code contest is pretty much the same as last year. I was hoping for an all new game.

  1. There is a problem when you launch the project, you have to locate all the resources
  2. The scan function only marginally changes strategy to the game, based on the level of efficiencies we saw last year. I doubt this really acts as a “game changer”
  3. There is still no way for you to tell the name of your opponent.
    In my project last year my AI learned the opponents strategy based previous games . But since there wasn’t a direct head-on-head and no way to tell who your opponent was, this was useless.

Me too. As we’re in Vegas I was hoping for a card game or something gambling related.

I think the community should come up with something for next year.

A good topic to discuss at the pub.

For those of us who weren’t there last year, any stats on average number of actions for a win?

I was a little surprised at this as well… but on the other hand I’m a little glad that I can reuse most of last year’s code… evil grin

Hey no fair! :slight_smile:

Given your performance last year do you think that’s wise? Double evil grin

Sounds like Patrick is throwing down some smack!

May the best design win. :wink:

Hey Kimball, I think Gino is ready for a rematch :wink:

I feel as if I should get some credit for upping Pat’s “smack talking” game.

Bah … “#if Engineer then Win” :stuck_out_tongue: