Have been trying to get the MBS plugins to work for a few things I am experimenting with. This example is the MBS Barcode plugin.

I keep getting the “Can’t find a type with this name” error despite the fact that the IDE recognises ‘BarcodeGeneratorMBS’. I have checked the documentation and have placed the plugin in the /plugins directory and restarted Xojo.

As can be seen the plugin part is there:


Xojo 2019r1.1

Believe I have all required dependencies


Xojo sucks loading the plugins sometimes.

Try closing xojo (make sure the process is closed), move all the plugins to another folder except for the MBS Main and Barcode, open xojo and try…

If the plugin is loaded correctly, close xojo, add some plugins and see if still works, if not, close, remove, open, try…

The Bluetooth plugin needs MacBase plugin.
When Xojo discovers that there is an unknown class referenced, it stops loading. :frowning:


Yes, but you also try to load the (Mac) Bluetooth Plugin on Windows, as your screenshot shows. Just try to remove the Bluetotth Pluigin and see if that fixes your problem…

Ah right ok will try

Thanks @Thomas_Roemert and @Christian_Schmitz removing Bluetooth did the trick

Are you saying that If I have MacBase And Bluetooth plugins, and Xojo “decides” to load Bluetooth before MacBase, the user will have the IDE in an inconsistent state with “missing parts”? There isn’t a “dependency order” the plugin developer/user can set?

I mean, if Xojo tries to load “Bluetooth”, it should notice a <<this plugin depends on “MacBase”>> and it should call a recursive loadThisPluginIfNotloaded(“MacBase”) before continuing the “Bluetooth” loading.

How to know the dependency? A simple file as “dependencies.txt”, with plugins names, one per line, in order, should suffice in a plugin bundle. Et voilà! Fixed.

So the Bluetooth plugin needs a class from MacBase plugin.
And since somewhere in Xojo’s compiler process, you have an error due to the missing class.

There is no way for our plugin to tell Xojo about this dependency.
And the order doesn’t matter.

Or you did not understand what I said, or I’m not understanding what you said.

You mean that after loading MacBase, Bluetooth will still fail?

Bluetooth will not be used due to a compile error, if you didn’t also have MacBase plugin.

Ah! The user hadn’t the MacBase Plugin. I thought he had. Understood.

So the solution for his loading problem could be also add the MacBase plugin, instead of remove Bluetooth.

Yes, exactly.