Where’s the list gone?

We have users who did not want to appear in a publicly available forum member list.

Shame, I looking forward to earning all those, can’t see the list now :frowning: Might as well turn them off all together now then I guess.

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Could this be changed to only show if you are logged in?

Go to your Preferences and then Badges to see the badges you have earned.

Aye, but I can no longer see what’s available to earn or how close I am to securing it :frowning:

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My favourite art site has those wonderful llama badges. Totally useless, just gives you a good feeling when giving someone a llama badge. Badges are for my inner child, which needs a bit love during lockdown.


I’m using a ticket system for my second job as a freelancer, so I’m the only user on it. That’s great: I’m always the worker of the month, the week, the day … :slight_smile: - and obviously my subconscious mind likes it as I haven’t switched this off for 10 years now :-).