Bad images on Windows

Has anyone come across an issue when embedded images look great on OS X (current device and a 2010 device) but look really jaggy and rough on Windows. I have the Supports Hi-GDI enabled and Use GDI Plus enabled. If I have these two turned off the images look even worse?

Cropped images ?
(surrounding white removed ?)

They are JPG images and not cropped but resized down. Sorry should have mentioned I am using the ImageMBS control for these images.

Are you seeing this only with embedded images?
What procedure are you using for embedding your images?


No it does it with all images. I am using the ImageMBS because it allows me to shrink the image on the fly for different resolutions.

I’m betting it’s the fact that Windows sucks at scaling images to begin with.
See if ScaleMBS + drawing on a Canvas gives you better results.

Direct2D might be better at scaling too.

Thanks Tim, I will have a play with that, I can’t believe how bad it looks on Windows compared to the Mac.

Maybe take a look at this thread and see if you are experiencing something similar. Then try to run your app in something earlier than 2016r1 and see if you get better results.

Or wait for Xojo 2016r4 [you are beta tester: test that with the current beta after checking GDI Plus in the release notes).

I AM NOT BETA nor alpha nor… so I cannot comment on something I do not have.

But check Xojo 2016r4.

You also may test a png version (or a bad jpg, but pre-resized: you resize it before passing it and watch the result).

You know it’s really easy to do this in pure Xojo code right? I’m guessing that you’re not taking ScaleFactor into account when resizing with the plugin and ending up with something that is 72ppi even when the screen needs something higher.

Remember. When using HiDPI, everything being drawn is now measured in points… at 1x 72 pixels = 72 points, but at higher scales like 200% 72 points represents 144 pixels.