Backup of Xojo Cloud Server


Can we have more details on backups please?
Including the backup frequencies.
The database is saved properly (internal backup functionality of SQLITE)?
Also, a mirror disk is used?

thank you

Backups are currently done nightly as a disk image, and are meant to be used as a full system restore. We keep them for consecutive 7 days.

ok thank you Greg, that’s something, but it needs to be improved, business applications require more regular backups. And if there are multiple applications on a server, it’s annoying to erase up to 24 hours of data from multiple clients to recover a single application. And with this type of backup, the database may be corrupted during the backup.

You could use a timer and backup your sqlite database to disk at whatever intervals you require. Image backups by the hypervisor are good but ultimately you need to be responsible for your data.