Backspace key deletes Method

When editing in a method if I press the Backspace key a number of times, the IDE deletes the entire method, not just the previous characters. I just installed Xojo 201822 today and it is still happening. I’m using Windows 10 64-bit and am working on desktop projects.

Are you sure you do not have the text in the method, or the method name selected?

I run into this a lot, especially when I do a “SELECT ALL” to reformat the code, then hit a key…

Nothing highlighted, just backspacing a lot.

I’ve not seen that one but I have seen CTRL+H deleting things.

Does it only delete the method when you have nothing to delete or does it happen randomly or when pressing a key combination?

Do you have any third party keyboard/input related programs installed as I’m sure we’d hear a lot more of this if it were common place.

The only time it happens is if I press the Backspace key repeatedly to delete a number of characters. It will delete a few characters then the entire method is deleted. It’s happened randomly a few times so I don’t know how consistent it is. I don’t have any keyboard/input programs running.
I can generally recover the deleted method by using the undo function.

I’ve been trying all morning to replicate the problem so I could post a video of it, but of course, now it doesn’t happen. Next time it does, I’ll try to remember the exact sequence that triggered it.