I love Xojo to create MacOS app. I use Flutter for mobile app. As Xojo is close to support Android I really want to use Xojo for mobile. That’s will be a create news.

For now I use Firebase as backend (auth, database and file storage, and statistics). Of course Xojo is not supported by Firebase.

How do you manage your backend with Xojo app ?

I need a solution to make tchat app and put user’s data in the cloud.

Xojo App > PHP script on a webserver > any database (mysql, sqlite, etc.)
Basically the php script is the intermediary between the app and the database.
Or if you have a xojo web license, you can forget the php script and build it with xojo web.

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  1. Xojo mobile app → Web App
  2. Xojo mobile app → Parse server ( etc.or custom hosted)
  3. Some other cloud.
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Any example or tutorials of user auth and database query ?

@Sebastien_REMY seems like you don’t want to develop a backend yourself but rather some form of BaaS offering ?

If you were interested in developing one yourself, my generic backend platform was featured in Sep/Oct XDev magazine - hopefully if you read that, it’d give you some idea of what’s involved. Not a trivial exercise by any stretch of the imagination tbh.

EDIT: Added Xdev mag cover


Interesting SteveP - think I’ll buy that one.


FWIW I have been considering whether to open up my generic platform commercially for a BaaS type offering. Your post was very timely @Sebastien_REMY :slight_smile:

I simply am unsure if it’s worth the effort for a small user base (my perception) tbh and then would be the decision around a sraight BaaS fully hosted solution or a source-code type of arrangement and of course ongoing support.