BackColor not working on Raspberry Pi

I have a simple button to change the background color of a textfield and it works (the color changes) on my mac but not on my Raspberry Pi Model 3 B. I have tried running the program remotely and also a full deployment on the Pi with standard green and gray colors but nothing seems to work. I see no limitations as to why it won’t work on the Xojo Raspberry Pi page.
Any help would be appreciated!

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Currently these limitations exist for Raspberry Pi apps:
XojoScript does not yet work.
HTMLViewer does not work on Raspbian Jessie or Raspbian Stretch at this time.

'txtSN0.BackColor = &c00FF00 txtSN0.BackColor = &cAAAAAA

Apparently this issue was reported in August 2017.
Is there a workaround?

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Not sure. I had to make due with what it was at the time. I never used the background color so I never had anything of worth to create a Bug Report. Not sure if anyone else did either. And without a bug report it won’t get fixed.

Thanks Kevin. I just figured out how to create a bug report and filed one.