Back button in browser exposing local host

This is probably a browser issue without a solution. I am deploying a web app via IIS using a reverse proxy to localhost:8881. I am also binding a public address to the IIS proxy site at port 80.

The problem is that if the user hits the back key in the browser enough times it will kill the connection and expose the local address in the address bar, i.e… localhost:8881 is deplayed in the address bar. Once this happens of course the only recourse is to refresh the browser with the proper address reentred.

I have thus far seen this happen in Firefox and Chrome on the Mac, and Chrome on windows.

In Safari one can make the web app disconnect by hitting the back and/or forward buttons until you get the diconnect, but the url remains correclty displayed in the address bar and you can simply hit refresh to get it reconnected. I am hoping that I can at least achieve this level of functionality on the other browsers.

I have not tried any other browsers yet.

AT this point this is an annoying issue that I was wondering if any one knows how to prevent or mitigate this behavior in some way.



Set the Session.ConfimMessage. The browser will show the message before they leave the app, so you could set it to something like “Are you sure you want to leave the app?”

Greg, thanks. That helps. To me it’s rather annoying, but the powers that be do not want to inadvertantly back out and have to reenter the address.