AVG False Positive libc.so.6

I just wanted to let you guys know that AVG deleted all of my Xojo installers during a virus scan this morning reporting this virus inside.

Just to make sure it was a false positive I downloaded a fresh copy of 2017r3 and scanned it and got the same result. Just a heads up as I don’t have time to research the reasons behind this false positive.

FWIW, CVE-2017-5753-A refers to the Spectre bug, one of the CPU bugs revealed last month.

Yeah I kind of guessed it had something to do with that due to a quick google search I did but I didn’t have time to go any further. I guess something needs to be updated in the next version and AVG was doing it’s job, however it’s not really as serious as AVG is reporting as a high risk detection.

Well, maybe the libc is a bit older and Xojo Inc. could switch to a newer one soon?

Avast has a procedure to whitelist files that trigger false positives. I submitted all my Windows programs. It does not seem to be accessible on https://www.avg.com/en-us/homepage but usually asking by email they tell you what to do.