Avast preventing webapp from running in browser?


So, I’m attempting to create a basic web app from a tutorial I found online and am running into a snag when I go to RUN the web app. It appears that my Avast Anti-Virus may be causing the application to time-out, and the browser w/the web app is never opened.

When I first go to run the web-app, this is what appears:

After Avast does its thing, this message immediately pops up informing me that the app has failed to launch:

If you’ll notice in the first image, this hangup appears to be related to the ‘debugger’ that Avast apparently feels an insistent need to scan for some reason. I’m assuming the way to resolve this issue is to have Avast exclude this folder path from being scanned, but I have no idea as to how to go about accomplishing this. Would appreciate some input from the experts on this board as to how to resolve the issue, and please keep in mind, I’m a layman/novice when it comes to speaking “computer language”. Thanks.

Never-mind, I think I solved the problem. I found out where in Avast I needed to make the necessary exclusion for this particular file.