Avast AntiVirus Sandboxing

I’ve swapped to Avast from AVG, but now when I try to run a web app in the IDE it complains and sandboxes my app. The problem is by the time Avast hands back control over whether to continue or not Xojo seems to have bpmbed out. By that i mean …

I get a window asking me if I want to continue or cancel the app as it’s taking time to run.
If I continue, nothing seems to happen. The service doesn’t run nor does it flag up any other issues.
If I cancel the IDE crashes and prompts me to fill in a report (which I’ve not yet done as I feel this might be my issue rather than Xojo’s).

Does anyone else use Avast or has been able to overcome this on Avast or any other antivirus app?

Disabling sandboxing on Avast fixes it, but I don’t really want to for everything.
You can add an exclusion but it doesn’t seem to obey it.

I’d report this to avast

I had this problem too.

Since I run all of my development work out of a base folder that I have total access to, I simply put the path to that folder in the global exclusions File Path tab:, like this:

After that, I don’t get any more complaints from Avast! concerning Xojo unless I try to run a project someplace else. It also clears any sub-folder I have in the hierarchy under that path.

I think it is caused by Avast seeing the IDE calling back into itself in order to run a project. A lot of viruses piggyback on applications and then try to call back and modify the app so Avast sees it as suspicious. (Think of the old self-modifying code issues.)

Hmm, doesn’t seem to make a difference for me.
But it is late. Thanks for the tip - I’ll try again in the morning when my eyes are working again.