av foundation declares

I’m quite interested in AVFoundation - I know that Christian as a plugin for this - but it requires more than just this 1 plugin to make it work(so it’s a bit misleading).
However, I need to use AVFoundation to replace these things
Movie stuff like rate, trim, export as, basically all the quicktime stuff that is no extinct.
I read somewhere that this can all be accessed via declares…

Is anybody else interested in working on this… I’m not sure where to start as I’ve never used declares - but this would go a long way towards the huge gap left by quicktime controls

I just downloaded Xcode. Can plugins be made with this? It actually looks very similar to Xojo except it’s using C

macoslib has QTKit if that helps any

The AVFoundation is 64 bit, I don’t believe you can declare to it. At least I’ve been unable to use any of the new 64 bit frameworks.

Exactly - 64 bit means cocoa. Normally, I wouldn’t be bothered moving to cocoa as the whole layout really doesn’t grab me (comboboxes look wierd among other things). But the noteplayer in carbon has really low volume - and cocoa noteplayer words like it should). Quicktime is dead in the water for 64bit cocoa.

AVKit is 64bit, AVFoundation is 32bit.
I can tell you that doing it in declares will be a challenge, especially with the threading (and Xojo not being thread safe).
I put a lot of work in getting all those events work, so I would recommend to try the plugin.
And yes, it’s not standalone as it refers to other plugins for Cocoa views, pictures and rectangles.