AutoUpdater kit

What does the MBS autoupdater kit have to offer? That would take along time to develop from scratch. I have been told that it takes a lot of work to achieve this by the MBS developer. What does it do that would be difficult to achieve. For example, does it prevent you from having to get your users to reinstall your app for an update or does it help you with version control. thanks

On the Mac it uses the Sparkle framework which offers automatic updates. User runs your app, the framework checks an AppCast file on your website, finds the differences, presents notification to user and allows them to install new version and restart the application.

On Windows it does essentially the same thing except that it starts an installer which the user then has to step through. The user is then responsible for restarting the app (though many installers have that as the last option).

We did much of this on our own before the MBS AutoUpdater kit. But we’ve adopted pieces of it since it was a little better than what we did. So yes, there’s nothing in it that couldn’t do on your own. The question is really how much time do you want to spend on it? From my perspective, as a consultant, time = money so it makes sense. Plus, I know I can recoup any investment across many products and clients.

And our solution is already well tested by a lot of users :slight_smile: