Autoscrolling while row reordering (desktop) ? possible?

Hi folks,

I made a desktop listbox (with xojo 2019) that can reorder the rows, and it works fine.
I’m using the dragreorderrow event to move the row that has been moved.
is it possible to autoscroll the list when we are on top or bottom, while moving the rows.

the dragreorderrow event is fired when the user releases the drag, is there an event I can use to detect when the user is dragging rows AND going at the top or the bottom of the listbox ?

thanks for any hints.

Hmmm, my listbox does that all by itself. I wonder how. Let me check. What platform are you using?

Windows does it by default. macOS not.

Odd then, as it’s macOS that I’m on. Let me fire up a Windows VM and try it there.

Edit: OK - works on Win7, WIn10, and Linux Mint. @Jean-Yves_Pochez , what makes you think it doesn’t work? For me it works best under macOS but that may be because the VMs are slow. If I drag up off the top, or down off the bottom, the listbox scrolls itself.

The area in which you can leave the mouse (with the button pressed) for the auto-scroll to work is not very large.

because it does not scroll for me while I drag-reorder rows in a listbox subclass…

in fact my listbox is inside a containercontrol, and it is a paged listbox from a database
so I need the event to make myself the autoscroll or it is not done by the xojo framework