Autosave 2023 r1

Hi all

In the bug fix list for 2023 r1 it says autosave is back.

I cant find anything in the docs.

Do i need to turn it on somehow ? Or is it automatically enabled
Where are the backup version stored… if there is one

I currently have a script to save of compile should i remove this?



When you run, if the project has unsaved changes, your project is saved in binary format in a temporary location. If the IDE crashes during the run, the next time you launch the IDE, it should offer to load that file instead.

The auto save feature is more like a crash recovery.

Ahh got it

Crash recovery


…or Build, right?

You’d have to ask Xojo, but I’d assume so.

Found this (release notes):

After a long absence, AutoSave/Restore is now working again. Note that AutoSave saves a backup copy of your project when you Run/Build only if you have unsaved changes.

so the backup copy is done when you Run/Build, not just Run.

You can luckily disable this (unfortunately not in the preferences).

defaults write com.xojo.xojo SkipAutoBackup -bool true

Set the registry value to 1: