Autoquit firing on Windows server when AutoQuit = false

We have a web app running on a Windows server and inexplicably, the autoquit is firing despite AutoQuit = false and even if there’s a session running. This does not happen when running the web app on a Windows desktop or in a test web app running on the server. We can tell it’s the autoquit firing by altering the AutoQuitTimeout value.

Has anyone else experienced this? Any clues?

Thanks in advance.

2 problems here,

  • the app should not autoquit if App.AutoQuit = False
  • the app should not autoquit if there is a session active

I haven’t seen this but we use Linux servers, I’m sorry I can’t help you.

Maybe you can create an Issue, and provide more information about your Windows Server and Xojo may be able to reproduce it.

Typically, seconds after posting, we discovered it was due to the name of the EXE file and therefore presumably something to do with the anti-virus.

Thanks for you time!

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