Automation Suite for VMware now supports Multiple Monitors on Windows, OS X and Linux

Automation Suite for VMware now supports Multiple Monitors on Windows, OS X and Linux

Annapolis, Maryland, USA (March 19, 2014) – F.W.Roller & Associates LLC, cross-platform business software developers and Enterprise Resource Planning consultants, today announced availability of Automation Suite 2014 Release 1 for VMware, which includes vmCLIpboard, vmProcessStrobe and vmProcessStrobeWeb. vmCLIpboard enables building, managing and automating the execution of VMware Command Line Interface commands from Windows, OS X and Linux. vmProcessStrobe and vmProcessStrobeWeb enable viewing, stopping and running processes inside of VMware virtual machines from Windows, OS X, Linux and any smartphone, tablet or computer with a web browser.

The latest release of Automation Suite for VMware supports multiple monitors so the location, position and dimensions of each window will be retained between each run. If the arrangement or resolution of the monitors changes between runs, previously open windows will be intelligently placed so that they are fully viewable. Otherwise they will appear precisely where they were in the previous run.

“VMware administrators and power users with multiple monitors can now more easily manage large numbers of hosts and virtual machines,” said Fred Roller, Owner, F.W.Roller & Associates LLC.


Visit to download vmCLIpboard, vmProcessStrobe and vmProcessStrobeWeb.

Core functionality is free and may be used indefinitely.

Features most beneficial to administrators and power users are available with a license. An Automation Suite for VMware license is $199. An individual product license is $99. One license covers all operating systems, all computers owned by the buyer and one year of updates and support.


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