automatically license Xojo to enable ability to build

When Xojo is first installed on a new PC, it first must register with the license server in order to be able to build.

Is there a way of automating this? So that no user interaction is required.

So you want to pay without confirmation or even selection of a license type???

I think he wants a portable version where he can just run it without installing the Xojo license or logging in. Short answer is no.

Thanks for the replies.

No - the license is already paid. What I’d like to do is automatically invoke the process where Xojo.exe registers itself with the license server.

Not quite. I would like to install the Xojo license, and log in, but perform both these operations without user interaction, so it becomes scriptable.

You only have to do it once, Yes / No ?

No. Multiple times.

Background: For each build, a new virtual machine containing a clean installation of Windows is created. Xojo is installed onto the VM, licensed, performs a single build, then the modified state of the VM is discarded.

All parts of this process can be automated, except for the ‘license Xojo’ step.

Please fill a feedback case.
Maybe Xojo team can add the option to automatically use a license file with a specific name put in the app folder?

What is the beneft of using a fresh VM? Can’t you make a VM, do the install of Xojo with the license, make a snapshot and restore the snapshot?

The benefit is that you can build on more platforms than you have licences for as you rotate the licence around the machine currently doing the build. I’m not getting into the finer details of that but…

You can download the licence from by clicking the little icon just to the right of the expiration date.

If you drop this into your vm and run the exe followed by that file from the command line it’ll try to open it and present you with an email entry window. I’m sure an enterprising person such as yourself could automate the next part with either an off the shelf product or a little bit of coding