Automate a third party console app with Xojo


I have a third party app that I normaly start up from the DOS-prompt
From the DOS-terminal I then get a main (text)menu,
one of the options I can choose from the menu is “2-configure”,
en then get asked to enter about 40 more settings.

Because only a handfull of those settings need to be changed,
I was hoping to be able to automate the process using Xojo, a small GUI and a shell-object in ‘Interactive mode’

I can see the shell start the third party app (I see this in the task manager) but none of the menus or setting get it back to my Xojo solution.
Even if I use the “Interactive Shell”-example, I can not collect any output from the third-party-app.

What am I doing wrong?

You’ve implemented the DataAvailable event and get no data back in that event ?

Yes I did, it never gets called

Some programs detect whether there is a “terminal” attached and do nothing if there isn’t one
Cant say how you’d know if thats the case here but its possible

My tip.
Try to use mode=1 and add the completed event with some code like msgbox!!
See if the complete event fire Up?

I implemented both the “completed” and “dataAvailable” events using a msgbox, they don’t get called.
When I start the app using the shell it takes up more then 20% CPU resources and the fan of my laptop speeds up.
When I start from the DOS-prompt or using a Batch File the CPU remains idle. Strange

When I start by hand, at the top of the main menu it says ‘Running in application mode’.
No help available for other command line arguments :-/