Autolayout : how do I ...

I am displaying a canvas at the center of the screen, which I want to be 280 pixels in portrait mode on an iPhone, then 80% of the width in Landscape mode, and when ran on an iPad no more than 500 px wide.

I tried width >= 280 priority High and it does work fine in portrait.

If I add Width = Parent.Width * 80 % priority Auto it works fine in portrait mode on iPhone.

Now how can I limit the width of the canvas to 500 px on an iPad ?

It seems that you would just need to add another constraint of width <= 500 priority high. On the iPhone, landscape and portrait should be under this amount. On the iPad, 80% should get clipped to this 500px amount.

XOJO “should” allow (as iOS does) the ability to add two sets of constraints (one for Port one for Land)

If you’re referring to the use of size classes then it would have to be something we do custom since those dont exist in iOS 7