AutoLayout Broken?

Is AutoLayout broken or is it I don’t know how to use it?

I set up some fields and labels and run debugger, they are all over the place. Come back to the layout sometime they are where I put them and sometime not.

I move a field or label and it changes the location of another field(s) or label(s).

Have searched for documentation but have not been able to find any.

Is this what is known as “user UN-friendly”.

Sounds like a bug. Do you have a project that reproduces this? If you do, please file a Feedback case and include the project.

Case #37306.

This is my first, hope I did it correctly.

[quote=151789:@Jim Smith]Case #37306.

This is my first, hope I did it correctly.[/quote]
Sure looks like it. Thanks Jim.

I can see what’s happening. You can probably fix this by manually setting the Left properties for the controls that move at runtime such that they are an offset from the control to their left. That’s already happening with the Top properties (at least for the ones I looked at).

The reason for this (I think) is that it’s using the parent (the view). I’m not 100% sure. However, if you set these controls so that they are an offset from the control next to them, it should work. You can do that manually as i said or if you space them closer together (the distance where the guideline appears) then Auto-layout should set them for you.

Either way, your project clearly shows the issue which helps us tremendously in tracking down the bug.