AutoDiscovery or UDP for iOS?

I’m currently working a project that will have a simple client-server setup using AutoDiscovery. Things look fine for desktop clients (Windows 8, Mac OS X) but I’d like to offer an equivalent app running on iOS.

So far, it looks like AutoDiscovery and UDP aren’t available for iOS. Is there some other class available? (I’d rather not use a hardwired server TCP address and also have to manage the client-client communication but…)

Is AutoDiscovery based on an open-source module?


you’d better use Bonjour, the services Apple offers.
It may be doable with declares on iOS.

For Mac/Win we have plugins in the MBS collection.

Thanks Christian. (For others, iirc, Bonjour on Apple = Zeroconf on Windows.)

Any update on this ? i see already almost 3 years and nobody updated anything , not to much interest on IOS i see and so far a lot of limitations .


Please check DNSService plugin for Mac and Win:

and the Linux classes:

and our iOS classes: