Autocomplete TextField

Is there I can use autocomplete with a textfield instead of a combobox.

I basically want to use autocomplete in a textfield without using a combobox to hold the autocomplete items.


There are various ways to implement this, but I think you have to code it yourself. Basically, you have a list of some sort (array, listbox, etc) that holds the autocomplete entries. In the KeyDown event of the textfield, you take everything up to the insertion point, plus the key just typed, and find the first match in your list. Put that into the textfield and reset the insertion point.

You’ll have to work out the details, of course, but that’s how I have handled it in the past.

You might be able to make use of the AutoComplete property of the ComboBox.

Ooops… should have read your post a little better.

Thanks, everyone. Post answered.

Has anyone written an autocomplete for WE that they would be willing to share, or contact me if other arrangements could be made. I am just getting back into Xojo, haven’t done much web yet, but for sure need an autocomplete that will list the matching values as more is typed.

I shared sometimes ago a basic autocomplete (with TextField I think). Nice under certain situations.

Read here:

I hope this can help.

What I’d really like is something like this, where as I type my list gets smaller. It’s a JQuery demo
But I can try yours also as it’s close to what I’m looking for


You can probably do such thing in pure Xojo with a WebListBox as dropdown and Instr() to find the typed text in an array of words.