Auto updating desktop apps

Has anyone used Monkeybread’s auto updater for auto updating their desktop software on modern operating systems? How does it work? Do operating systems still allow it due to security reasons?

Thank you.

I use it for my web-based apps. It is based on Sparkle. The utilities need some more work - I had to retrofit them to get them to work. It is not user-friendly, but it works.

I have no issues with it on the Mac. Have not tried mavericks yet. need to. well that is another todo on my todo list.

I just released an update for a client app this week using parts of the MBS Auto Updater. Works fine on Mavericks and Windows. On Windows the Installer will prompt for permission and while I run as Admin on my Mac, I’ve seen Sparkle (the Mac updater library) ask for authentication on non-Admin accounts.

The reason I say parts of it is because we put as much as we can into a post build script (we build on the Mac) so all the Mac stuff is code signed (AppWrapper) and the Disk Image created (DMGCanvas). We then go into Windows, use Inno Setup to build the installer (which is code signed), and then back on the Mac side we create the AppCast document via a ShellScript. Voila! Then we upload the 4 files (Appcast xml, description.html, the Mac dmg, the Windows installer) and upload them to the website (or send to client).