Auto Save on Run

Somehow I had the impressiong that Xojo auto saved a project each time it was run. I just had a crash and when I restarted my project I got an alert if I wanted to recover unsaved version. I said yes but it took me back to a verision well over a day old.

Was I under a false illusion? Do I have to do something to make it auto save on run? Kind of bummed at the moment

Don’t know where you got the “impression” but it is incorrect. Get in the habit of hitting cmd-S before cmd-R

You can add a build step script before the gear in the target Build settings (for instance Macintosh or Windows, one of them if you do both) with in it :

DoCommand "SaveFile"

It will save your project every time you run.

@Michel Bujardet Thanks! That was just the ticket.

It IS supposed to auto save every time you run. It saves into appdata, though, not over the actual project.

The IDE saves a COPY of the project when you RUN in the event the IDE crashes when you run

It does NOT auto overwrite or save to the existing project

Just got a crash yesterday and source was lost.
Found Sources in AppData folder.

Build script did not work; didn’t get it to run.

AutoHotkey does the work:

#IfWinActive, ahk_class RBWindow
CapsLock::Enter ;auto complete with "nearly" tab
Send ^s ^r      ;save and run

After pressing F5 in Xojo windows it send ctrl-s and ctrl-r.

my IDE crashes a lot !!! Xojo does autosave before it runs every time.

a build script that runs before the build step