Auto mounting SMB multiple Mac Users

On a Mac Desktop App, Currently, I execute the shell command from Xojo below to mount a network drive:

shell.Execute (“mount -t smbfs smb://user:password@Server/path //Volumes/path”)

and on exit I unmount this drive.

This works well, until the Mac User is switched: then I get a “Permission denied” error.

I understand that the share is owned by the user that mounts,
but how would I avoid not getting the server mounted when the Mac user switches?
I cannot delete the mount path as that would require sudo.

I know the server could be added to the login items, but I don’t want manual end user action to be needed to mount the volume.

Any ideas anyone?

You could probably mount it once per user using different destination paths.

Thanks Greg, While you posted this I was going down that route and it seems to work.
Now the mount path includes the username, so each is independent.

You can specify a group with gid and forcegid parameters when mount, set permissions for this, and in the server set permissions (groups, etc) and configure the share with something like:

create mask = 0775
directory mode = 0775
force create mode = 0775
force directory mode = 0775
force group = +group_to_use