Auto-Layout constraint editor suggested improvements

I have not worked on iOS for a year and a half, and I bump into exactly the same things. The constraint editor is still just as cumbersome and clumsy. For instance, when I set a control vertical center, top or bottom what is this business of making it relative to the other control or parent LEFT ? ? ? This is completely illogical. As default, it should be made relative to Top or Bottom. Maybe Top, but certainly not left…


Also, I spend quite a bit of time in that constraints editor, and every time I have to click “Done” I want to press Return. That would be a whole lot more ergonomic.

I filed a request back in 2014. It must have been buried under other cases. Please, Norman, it would be a real progress.

37006 - iOS in Auto-Layout constraint editor, button Done should be made default

Michel Bujardet on Nov 29, 2014 at 11:50 AM
When editing constraints, it would greatly increase productivity to make the button ‘Done’ default, so pressing return would validate the settings and end the editing. Now it is necessary to go for the mouse, which is slower.



Those are both sensible ideas, Michel.

Here’s one of mine: when copying and pasting controls, it would be great if as many constraints as possible are preserved rather than being set to their defaults:


When you drag a table onto a view and size it to fill the entire view except for the Nav bar, the default constraints for top and bottom are:

Top = TopLayoutGuide.Top
Bottom = BottomLayoutGuide.Bottom

When they should be:

Top = TopLayoutGuide.Bottom
Bottom = BottomLayoutGuide.Top