Auto completion with xojo.Core.Date behavior...


Just want to confirm that the problem is not behind the keyborad… :slight_smile:

I noticed that auto completion stops working with “Session” when I introduce a xojo.Core.Date Constructor. Other classes don’t seem to be affected.

Here is how I use the constructor :

[code] Dim d As New xojo.Core.Date(Session.sAppCP.pointeurCalEditEvent.cEvent.StartDate.Year, _
Session.sAppCP.pointeurCalEditEvent.cEvent.StartDate.Month, _
Session.sAppCP.pointeurCalEditEvent.cEvent.StartDate.Day, _

MyVariable = Session…

If I try Session… AFTER the xojo.Core.Date Constructor, auto completion does not show. If I try with another class AFTER the xojo.Core.Date Constructor then it shows.

Session BEFORE Constructor

Session AFTER Constructor

Constructor REMOVED

OTHER CLASS than Session AFTER Constructor